Stress Management is a Benefit of Meditative Science

What would happen if you came up with one idea that changed the course of your life forever? What if you could learn to control the landscape of your mind so that you could change whatever you need to change to live fully, to live out your unique purpose for being on this wonderful planet earth.

What would that be worth to you? What if you could eliminate all the negative stress in your life and calmly and creatively meet all the inevitable obstacles and interruptions in life with thoughtful solutions without allowing derailment to be be an option?

Stress Management

 It is well known that putting the body under consistent long term stress has harmful effects. It weakens the immune system, making it either under or over active or alternating between the two. Many studies have shown that over 98% of trips to the family physician are for stress related illnesses. Migraines, tension headaches, digestive problems, muscle tension, and aches and pains, not to mention anxiety, overeating, and other addictive and escapist behaviors.

In our corporate stress management division, we greatly reduced the absenteeism associated with migraines at a major managed health care facility. Using relaxation techniques, we fostered body awareness and were able to significantly reduce shoulder and neck strain injuries and the number of surgeries for carpal tunnel injury.

We taught pregnant women to create their own anesthesia during childbirth through the power of their own mind.

So what is going on here?

People learn to access parts of their mind/brain that they have possessed all along time but no one has ever taught them how to use.

We all know that our mind controls our physiology. Think of your favorite sexual fantasy and the resulting physicality, or how your body feels when you get very angry.

What if you could consciously control your physiology? Any professional athlete will tell you that mental fitness is the key to their success, for without it, they could not train harder and push themselves through pressure and inevitable disappoints that arise in competitive sports.

Many community healthcare departments have trained their EMT’s and paramedics to give just the right suggestions to trauma victims to stop excessive bleeding and reduce or speed up heart rate as needed as part of the stabilization process.

Wouldn’t you love to have that kind of control over your own mind to modify eating habits, increase your physical activity, motivate yourself to write that book or article that is living inside of you. Or how about to just sail calmly and peacefully through life not getting tripped up on events and personalities that you cannot change, but taking control to change that which you can change and the internal wisdom to know the difference?

All this involves the accessing of the wisdom  part of your mind/brain or to use an old term “expand your consciousness” without external substances. The techniques are relatively simple, but practice is required to claim permanent usage of the newly acquired real estate that has been lying fallow between the ears.

How can you not want the competitive edge to create your own life rather having it created by those who have perfected programming your brain…media, marketing advertising.. your friends..almost everything in in your environment.

Take it back, take back control of mind, take back control over your life.

Take it back from junk food, television, mindless Facebook games, whatever your personal life waster(s) may be and start living out your purpose for being here.

Research has shown that everyone has a life purpose and those who know and live it are happier, healthier and weather the inevitable storms of life more gracefully, turning problems into opportunities.