Intellectual Capital is the New Sexy

This is the why and how studying meditative science is so important. The short answer is intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is probably the most valuable commodity traded in socioeconomic systems as they all run on creativity, innovation and compassion with the skill sets to back up whatever is being created (tennis skills, design, wordsmanship,etc.). As individuals, we  are all cells in the ecosystem of which economics is a piece, the strongest, happiest, most successful  players hold the greatest amount of intellectual capital and on demand cognitive control.

intellectual capital and cognitive control are the new sexy
Photo credit: Mike Hewitt, Getty Images
Intellectual Capital and Cognitive Control are the New Sexy

Marion Bartoli, the 2013 Wimbledon Women’s Tennis champion, was a good example of that. When interviewed before the match about why she was not the media’s pick to win, she commented that she was not blonde enough, nor fit (swim suit model) enough, nor did she smile enough. I listened to the commentators before the match comment on and poke fun of her “quirkiness.” It was thrown in for good measure that she had an IQ of 175. Pre match, John McEnroe was getting pretty annoying with poking fun at Bartoli’s lack of “in the box”  athleticism.

And then, a few minutes into the match, McEnroe changed his tune, with an almost reverent tone applauding Bartoli’s understanding of the game and her thoughtful plays and understanding of the geometry of the court and angles of the shots.

The end result being she simply mentally psyched out her opponent. Of course she had the tennis skills and physical conditioning to back up this win. But as any astute observer of human behavior could see, she simply out thought her opponent on a point by point basis. This takes incredible cognitive control in every area of the brain. It requires the ability to dampen down the emotional centers of the brain allowing the prime power sources of oxygen and glucose to be shunted to the prefrontal cortices along with the other areas of the brain that control focus, being in the moment, spatial ability and projections, eye-hand coordination, muscle memory and all the skills of athletic championship.

Bartoli’s opponent, who pre match was known for her smiles and swimsuit potential will be  known more for her tears and breaking down on the court. Bartoli mentally broke her by being more mentally fit. The point, when the media was chidding Bartoli for lack of fitness (swim suit attractiveness), the real test of fitness was in the mind. Bartoli played an astounding game of tennis cashing in on her intellectual capital, while leveling the playing field for those lesser swim suit model types who understand the importance of mental fitness as the key not only to physical fitness, but to happiness and success in life in general.

Intelligence:  the ability to to apply knowledge, skills and data situationally in order to maximize desired outcome.