Stress Reduction…Relaxation…Why Learn It?

Stress Reduction…Relaxation…Why Learn It?

I was recently reminded of my tenure as a stress management consultant at a very large global apparel merchandising corporation where I worked with many different demographics of employees from data managers to prototype makers, the entire accounting department, administrators and the sales and merchandising department. It was interesting how differently the personalities viewed stress management. Many of the data managers were interested in reducing the neuro-muscular tension of sitting at a desk driving a computer all day. Many in the accounting department wanted the same results while a few wanted just to escape from the day for a while.

The few that actually came from sales and merchandising were looking for the escape from the day. I went on a mission to find out why the sales and merchandising personalities were so resistant to participating in the stress management programs. Overwhelming conclusion: These people associated stress management, stress reduction and relaxation with the vision of him or her becoming a mindless wet noodle that had completely lost their motivation or edge to do anything.

What do you associate with stress management?

The truth: being able to manage stress is the secret to being able to perform at your peak under stressful conditions. Relaxation is about being in the ultimate learning state. When one relaxes, that is the state where your mind is controlling your physiology, releasing tight muscles, lowering your blood pressure or heart rate. It is the state where world class athletes rehearse their peak moves, making baskets under pressure, completing a dance routine perfectly, strikers bypassing the goal-keeper, swimmers winning gold medals, and actors giving a perfect performance.

This is the state that multi-million dollar copywriter, Dan Kennedy, uses to get out of bed and write high dollar sales copy all day, each and everyday. The state that writers use to develop memorable characters. Total relaxation is the state where the imagination comes up with award winning ideas will your conscious mind is doing something else. The state of Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.

This what what we teach..the state that turns you and I and other ordinary people into designers of our life and followers of our own path.

Join us.

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