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Meditative Science is a mental fitness training program, designed to optimize brain functioning. The techniques have been honed over the course of 30+ years spent as a neurobehavioral scientist. It is a combination of meditative techniques  developed as a result of experience in research in neuroscience, training with the masters of mind-body therapies in traditional and  less traditional medical settings, teaching in medical environment and training in a corporate environment. These techniques simply work.

 Why should you care? Resilience and Resistant to Stress

Because  intellectual capital is the most valuable commodity on the planet. It is the difference between barely surviving and thriving on an individual, team and corporate level. And superior mental fitness is the key to creating and sustaining intellectual capital. Mental fitness is the key to your good health, physical fitness, a sense of well being, calmness under pressure, focus and creativity, and intellectual longevity. A commitment to studying and practicing meditative science will provide superior mental fitness.

 What You Should Expect:  having a good time learning to enhance cognition.

1. Classes: I offer 4 classes lasting 6 hours a session. You are welcome to sign up for all 4 or take the first one and decide, then sign up as you go. The first class is essential as that is where we will be training the brain to change states rapidly and learning the maximum states for attaining individual goals.

a. The topics covered in the classes will include learning to focus on compassion (research shows this has the most inclusive strengthening of different brain regions, and among other things, reduces depression and anxiety, balances physiology, builds up mental resilience and resistance to stress and serves as a sort of anti-aging ingredient)

b. We will study both external and internal mindfulness (paying focused attention) and how adopting the practice of both will speed up mental processing speed in all areas and greatly enhance self-awareness, the first step in any process of change including learning new skills.

c.  We will experience how our mind affects our physiology and how our physiology affects our mind.

d. We will use our deep self-awareness to take the power away from often chronic self-defeating thought patterns and increase our social intelligence.

Here are just a few areas of life previous students, learners, and practitioners of meditative science have worked with:


  • resilience to stress and an enhanced immune system

  • physical health

  • increase in empathy and compassion

  • mental and emotional health

  • increased ability to focus on productive activities

  • social/relational/collaborative intelligence

  • creativity, innovation

  • clearer thinking and decision making

  • speed of learning new tasks and skills

  • intake of new information

  • increased sense of general well being

  • design your own area of enhancement

Your Instructor: Deborah L Gabriel

Brief Bio: I have 30+ years of experience as a neuroscientist both as a researcher, practitioner, and educator. I love what I do! Supporting degrees: an Ms and an MA, a PhD, and an MD, all of which have helped me along the way, but it is probably the privilege to study with the masters and keepers of knowledge that not only taught me, but inspired me to keep evolving as person and to give back the knowledge to foster the evolution of others. Some of the local and  international companies that I have worked with: VF Corporation, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente as well as many healthcare providers and patients.

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FREE Demonstration

on Oct. 12, 2013 from 2:00- 4:00 pm



Where: Classes will be held at Deep Roots Market, 600 N. Eugene St. Greensboro, NC 27401

Dates:  October 26 and November 2, 9 and 16 2013. Each class is on a Saturday from 9:00 – 3:00 . Wear comfortable clothing, it is a casual atmosphere.

Cost: $275.00 with a 10% discount for owners $242.50 and an 20% discount for referring a friend. ($220.00 for non-owners or $187.50 for owners). 


Before every class, I will email you background material to review.


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