What is Intelligence? (Part 1)


Intelligence is the ability to discriminate; or more succinctly, the ability to respond to the events in your life in a manner that is in alignment with whatever your desired outcome is. Intelligence is the combination of experience and reflection.

What is Intelligence-Part 1

Experience can be something that one has personally “experienced”, learned by role modeling, gotten from training, a good book, film, music, or an “aha’ moment that originates from somewhere inside of you.
Experience when associated with emotion either good or bad becomes more strongly etched in the mind/brain and the strength and quality of that emotional association (pain or pleasure) determines how we view and use that experience in the future. This an innate physiological response that can be based on a one time experience. If we associate the experience negatively, we limit its usage in the future as it humans tend to want to avoid pain at all costs.

It can be as simple as one bad math grade=”I’m bad in math.” Someone making fun of us when we are trying to learn a new skill =“I’ll never try that again.” Or a rude and/or competitive person commenting ”have you gained weight”=”I’m fat.”

Our intelligence is limited or enhanced by the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Some of those stories we consciously tell ourselves, others are logged somewhere in the subconscious mind below our conscious awareness. These stories can contribute positively to our intelligence or they can contribute negatively depending on what we tell ourselves. Even the tone of our interior voice can affect the way we perceive ourselves.

These stories tell us yes, we can do that, or no, we will never be able to do that creating insecurity and shrinking our ability to control the outcomes in our lives.

Two very important skills worth acquiring are:

1. The ability to access those stories that influence our intelligence and therefore control our behavior and the creation of successful outcomes in our lives.
2. And its twin, the ability to change the stories that hold us back into ones that propel us forward in a direction that aids our success in achieving our desired outcomes..

These are some of the skills that we teach in our seminars.

All you have to do is make a decision that acquiring more effective control over the outcomes in your life is is necessary and then making a commitment to learn the necessary skills and then practice them until they become a part of your native intelligence.



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