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The Team:

deborah l gabriel

deborah l gabriel

That’s me, Deborah L Gabriel, PhD, MD, neuroscientist, educator, author. I write these articles for two purposes: 1. As resources for the people who participate in my seminars and 2. As my contribution to the G+ community called Meditative Science which I invite all of you have not yet joined to join. There are many interesting people writing and sharing blog posts and resources  in that wonderful community.

My credentials: MS in behavioral science, MDiv, PhD in metaphysics, MD (medicine). Many years as a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, educator, author and life long learner.

My greatest skills: 1.the ability to look through the outer packaging we are wrapped in and see the inner self of most people and animals, 2.taking the science of mental fitness, stress management and developing applied training programs that can benefit most people = Meditative Science

My calling: to help those that want to learn, to use meditative science to enhance their brain power and mental fitness and upgrade their happiness and well-being.

My mentor/role models: (just a few out of many) my mother, my friends Richard T. and George R, Michael Merzenich, Gerald Klein, Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Sugata Mitra, Ken Robinson, Pretap Kumar, John Kellden and I will stop or I could fill up the whole blog with important people in my life; there are just so many.

What I like: to be out in nature, a good book, a cool breeze on a hot day, sunshine on a cold day, trail running ( I stop and talk to animals), an excellent film, good conversation and cheerful people.

Contact Info: deborahlgabriel@gmail.com, G+ profile: Deborah L Gabriel

Written by Deborah L Gabriel, MeditativeScience.net